1215 Magna Carta Agreement

In the absence of an agreement, Ludwig remained in London with his remaining troops, hoping for the arrival of reinforcements from France. [91] When the expected fleet arrived in August, it was intercepted and defeated by loyalists in the Battle of Sandwich. [92] Ludwig entered into new peace negotiations and the political groups agreed on September 12 and 13, 1217 on the Final Treaty of Lambeth, also known as the Treaty of Kingston. [92] The treaty resembled the first peace offer, but excluded the rebellious clergy, whose lands and appointments were exhausted; It did, however, contain a promise that Louis` supporters could enjoy their traditional freedoms and customs, dating back to the Charter of 1216. [93] Louis left England as agreed and joined Albigenser`s crusade in southern France, ending the war. [89] The copy of Lincoln Cathedral has been held by the county since 1215. J. Ross Vault at Lincoln Castle, accompanied by an original copy of the Forest Charter of 1217 [286] Negotiations took place in the first six months of 1215, but only when the barons forcibly entered the court of the King of London on June 10, with the support of Prince Louis and King Alexander II of Scotland, the king was persuaded to affix his great seal to the “articles of the barons”, who set out their complaints and established their rights and privileges.

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