Captcha Agreement

iam also pay 5000 rupees that the guys said you have to continue this work, you pay 15,000 or cancel the deal you have to pay 23240 I don`t know how much money you pay please, I have no money Google and the California Online Privacy Protection Act require a privacy agreement if a site or an integrated application recaptcha. 2Captcha (“2Captcha” or “Service”) is a manual captcha solution service that is provided via the URL (the “website”) that allows you to solve CAPTCHAs for research purposes. 2Captcha is operated by Khivrin N.N., an individual company (“2Captcha,” “we,” “we”). 2Captcha has employees, independent contractors and representatives (“our team”). As a service customer or as a representative of a service client entity, you are a “member” (it is “you” under this contract). These terms of use (“Conditions” with our API policies) define the conditions under which you can use 2Captcha and how we process your account while you are a member. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us You may not transfer any of your rights under this Agreement to third parties. We may cede our rights to other natural or legal persons at our discretion. Sir, I`m scared now. N-Tech companies extort me for money. They sent a message saying they were sending my report because I did not pay them. They make a false deal without my knowledge and threaten me by calling and texting…

Sir I has the same problems. I finished over 10,000 captcha, but they say I`m not ready yet and ask me to pay money. I got the call from a lawyer and she tells me to pay Rs12,500.please Sir help me. Company name- Equinox Gold where the agreement ki bolte h bar, but to open hi ni nii hota h Waha sirf succeeded bta RHA h Sir My Brother before the same problem at this company my brother also paid 6700 and he says the deal to cancel 15,000 of them. Please solve the problem sir. In October 2018, at the ACM CCS`18 conference, Ye et al. presented a deep learning attack that successfully solved the 11 text drawing schemes used by the top 50 in 2018, with a high success rate. Their work shows that an effective CAPTCHA solver with only 500 real CAPTCHAs can be trained, showing that it is possible to quickly launch an attack of a new CAPTCHA TEXTes scheme.

[30] As part of the terms of use, Google requires that websites that use its reCAPTCHA service contain a privacy policy.

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