Munich Agreement Ap Euro

Europe has been more economically integrated than the EU thanks to the EEC. The generation lost after the First World War fostered disillusionment and cynicism. Vichy France – it was the French government from July 1940 to August 1944. When Nazi Germany entered, they took over and founded this government. It was led by Field Marshal Philippe Petain, but in reality it was controlled only by Germany. Vichy France was challenged by Charles de Gaulle. After the Allied invasion of France (Operation Overlord), de Gaulle proclaimed the provisional government of the French Republic (June 1944). In August, Paris was liberated and the provisional government was recognized as the legitimate government of France. Pearl Harbor – On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese Navy aircraft and submarines launched a surprise attack on Japanese U.S. aircraft docking at Pearl Harbor, off the coast of Hawaii.

A total of nine ships in the U.S. fleet were sunk and 21 vessels were severely damaged. The total number of deaths reached 2,350. This attack put an end to the neutrality of the United States. The next day, the United States joined the Allies and began a Pacific war with Japan. Conference of Yalta- This was a meeting of the Big Three in February 1945. They built the UN, they started dividing Germany, and they gave Stalin eastern lands. This was seen as a betrayal because these countries were promised democracy, and they had communism. It was really the beginning of the Cold War. Potsdamer Congerence- This was the last meeting of the Allies with Stalin, Truman and Attlee.

It created the Potsdam Declaration, the Potsdam Agreement, expelled the Germans from each country except their own, agreed on war reparations, agreed on the persecution of the Nazis, and brought back the geographical lines drawn by Germany. It ended WWII axis against allies – the Axis powers were the villains during World War II. These include Germany, Italy and Japan. They fought against Britain`s allies, France (although they were soon out of the war), against the United States (once they ceased to be neutral) and later against the Soviet Union. Intervention Groups – It was the groups governed by Himmler that were formed to murder Jews. They were the main group of people who did the real murder. They killed more than a million Jews. The causes of the First World War included militarism, alliance networks, nationalism and imperialism.

The appeasement is the policy that Chamberlain and the other Western Europeans carried out between the wars. Basically, no one wanted to be in another war, so they ignored Hitler`s rise to power and did everything they could to appease him. They did not punish him when he broke the Versaille contract and let him do what he wanted. Chamberlain accepted the Treaty of Munich, which gave Hitler the Sudetenland. Munich – Hitler had already annexed Austria by the attachment and wanted now the Sudee, a part of Czechoslovakia with a large German population. Following the policy of appeasement, Chamberlain signed the Munich agreement with Hitler, who gave him the Sudetenland. He believed it would create peace.

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