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(32) If found, select all lines. UserIDs add if the details of the sending system are correct in the shipping agreement and check if you are using the right communication channel in the shipping agreement. When I checked the communication channel at the RWB, he denounced the error: no appropriate channel agreement was found. The extension agreement is good and the channel is good too. It`s a new interface. We also try to restart the channel, it goes again in the same state with the same error message. CS for the first scenario of FILE2RFC: CS for the second scenario of RFC2FILE: ID objects for the first scenario of FILE2RFC: ID objects for the second scenario of RFC2FILE: CC_DUMMY_BRIDGE_FILE_SND is just an empty file adapter, unutilized. Try if I turn off this adapter, it always works well. Logically, the interface should be SI_FULLNAME_OUT_ASYNC, but the module processing will try to find “SI_FNAME_LNAME_IN_SYNC” suitable for the transmitter agreement stage. To solve the problem, I went to SI_FNAME_LNAME_IN_SYNC. Need the virtual receiver to maintain with the original transmitter of the first scenario, which is “BC_Sender, the shipping agreement tries to find appropriate “BC_Sender” and fails if not “BC_Sender.” Here you indicate the actual recipient “BC_Receiver”: Assign the RFC message MT_FULLNAME: Write the output file to CC_FILE_RCV: But the transmitter`s response channel says that “No appropriate emission agreement found” error.

How to deal with this situation. Jdbc sender. If you want to develop a module for sender/FTP adapters and access the file name in the module, check out SAP 819761. I checked the configuration in IP and sxi_cache in B. I assumed that either would display a sending agreement with the WS channel (for the wrong confirmation message from B to PI) and that something in it would be misconfigured. But there isn`t one! No shipping agreement in IP and none in sxi_cache, and the xi-hide is up to date. The scenario is – IP must select data from the view of an hana database. I use jdbc channels for that.

HI Yeeloonkhoo, First of all, I would like to thank you for writing the blog below, which is very helpful, I was tempted from your blog to follow my IDOC to REST Asy/Sync, as you mentioned in your blog for some reason in the REST receiver it hasn`t replaced setting name interface module, as stated in your blog to use the synchronous interface name (as used in the 1st scenario), but if I use the synchronous interface name in the agreeemnt transmitter, in the interface of its undetermined operation mapping, I thought I`d take some advice from you. Hello Rajiv, “but if I sync interfacename in the agreeemnt transmitter, in the destination of the sound interface do not identify the mapping operation” For the sender agreement: So you have the same behavior with mine. Recently I tried D`Async/Sync bridge with Sync REST adapter not working. This blog by Alexey Pitroff also mentioned Async /Sync Bridge with Sync RFC will not work in which instead need to use the module on the transmitter adapter. See the comment in figure 26 of his blog. For Interface determination: In this 2nd Flow for OM_RFC2FILE, i`m using the Sync interface from 1st flow to determine the OM, you should inable to achieve similar results using in this way. Check your OM again. Merry Christmas!! 🙂 Greetings, Yee Loon? At least the name of the interface and the sending service must be qualified in the shipping agreement. All other fields are optional under the general rules for defining shipping agreements. You need to set up the sender/ftp adapter to send file content to the integration server or PCK. This only applies to files that are not playback alone.

An operating system command specified here is executed before or after the message processing, which has been found in a version.

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