Nrc Non Agreement State Definition

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH): Under New York law, NYSDOH is responsible for regulating workplace safety at non-federal industrial facilities that receive, obse and use radioactive materials (including commercial low-level radioactive waste management facilities). NYSDOH regulates public drinking water systems in accordance with the Drinking Water Act. The county health services run this program for NYSDOH. The Agency also conducts national monitoring of environmental radiation, with a focus on major nuclear facilities, including the WNYNSC site. NRC`s policy statement, “Criteria for Guidance of States and NRC in Discontinuance of NRC Regulatory Authority and Assumption of These States Through Agreement” (46 FR 7540, 23 January 1981, in the drafting of political statements published on 46 FR 36969, 16 July 1981 and 48 FR 33376, 21 July 1983), describes the necessary content of these documents. The NRC reviews the application and publishes an opinion on the proposed agreement in the federal registry to provide an opportunity for public comment. When nrc, after reviewing public notices, finds that the proposed state program for the protection of public health and safety is appropriate and consistent with the NRC regulatory program, the Governor and the NRC Chair sign the agreement. States parties have agreements with NRC giving them the power to license and inspect special nuclear by-products, sources or materials used or possessed within their borders. Any applicant, with the exception of a federal authority or an Indian strain recognized by the Confederation, who holds or wishes to use licensed documents in one of these contracting states, should contact the relevant officials of that state for information on the preparation of an application. These applications must be filed with officials, not with the NRC.

The State party responds and conducts timely inspections or investigations into incidents, events and allegations relating to contractual documents under the jurisdiction of the State in order to ensure adequate public health and public safety security. This Political Declaration serves exclusively as a direction for NRC and States Parties in the implementation of the contracting state`s agenda. This declaration of principles does not itself set legally binding requirements for States Parties. Moreover, nothing in this Start Printed Page 48536statement directive expands the legal authority of contracting states, which go beyond the legal regime already closed by Section 274 of the AEA and other competent jurisdictions; This political statement also does not diminish or restrict the NRC`s authority under the AEA. The implementation procedures under this policy statement must be consistent with NRC legal authorities and contracting states. This statement of principles addresses the interaction between federal countries within the AEA in concluding and maintaining agreements (1) with states under subsection 274b, which provide for the termination by NRC and the management of a regulatory program for the safe use of contract equipment by NRC; (2) ensure that the interactions between NRC and the agreement`s radiation control programs are coordinated in accordance with the agreement; and (3) to ensure that States Parties provide adequate protection of public health and safety and maintain programs consistent with NRC`s regulatory agenda. Nrc encourages States Parties to adopt and implement program elements defined by the program elements adopted and implemented by NRC for the promotion and improvement of a NMNP that establishes a coherent and compatible national program for the regulation of contract equipment. Contracting States Statutes: (a) authorize the state to establish a program for regulating contract equipment and to give the authority to assume regulatory responsibility under an agreement with the NRC; (b) to authorize the state to adopt the regulatory requirements necessary to adequately protect public health and safety; c) to authorize

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