Shared Pond Agreement

“… there is no public right to use ponds that are for human use on private land.┬áIn many places, this brilliance would entitle them to the whole pond. We have a contract for the land that has a 4 hectare pond on it. We will own the dam and 99% of the country around the pond. Neighbors disembark across the creek and a small shard of the pond to the creek-to-pond area. Does this little access money give them legal rights over the whole pond? I see they already have a duck outside, and they fished the last time we passed. No one has cared for him in 30 years… Thanks in advance Extreme example: a natural stream runs through my 1.5 hectare property. The previous owners were moving the creek into my property to create a pond. IANAL, but yes, the fact that there is a dam seems to indicate that the pond is made by man.

Not so safe above the underlying streams that make up the pond in question. Where did you find the last thing? I like it, lol. It is a man-made pond with a stream that enters. This is a legal area to consult. Water rights are very specific and can sometimes vary from city to city. “If the body of water that is in private underwater land and can be traversed by a boat such as a canoe or a raft, the public has a permanent right to use the surface of the water for all purposes of recovery and trade, including fishing, whitewater canoeing, etc.” It is not clear whether the public`s right to use these waters implies the right to wade on the private creek bed for fishing or for other recreational purposes. “.

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