The Agreement Of Lausanne

When, at the time of signing this contract, property rights, rights and interests provided for in Section 65. if the authorities of one of the High Contracting Parties have been liquidated, this contracting party is exempt from the obligation to restore ownership, rights and interest by paying the owner the proceeds of the liquidation. If the Joint Court of Arbitration under Section V finds, at the request of the owner, that the liquidation was not carried out under the conditions guaranteeing a fair price, it has the power to order, in the case of an intermediate contract, the addition of the proceeds of liquidation at an appropriate level. These assets, rights and interest are reinstated if the payment is not made within two months of the contract with the owner or as a result of the decision of the Joint Court of Arbitration mentioned above. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Schedule ii of this part, it is agreed that if payments made under a pre-war contract are made by amounts recovered, in whole or in part, in a currency other than that covered by this treaty during the war, these payments may be made by remitting the amounts actually recovered. , in the currency in which they were collected. This provision does not affect comparisons that are inconsistent with the above provisions, entered into by a voluntary agreement between the parties prior to the entry into force of this contract. The exercise of the rights to disembark the aforementioned cables on non-Turkish territory and their working conditions are settled in a friendly manner by the States concerned. Otherwise, the dispute will be settled through arbitration.

Licences for the use of commercial property or reproduction of literary or artistic works granted before the war by or to nationals of allied powers or persons residing or operating on their territory, on the one hand, on or by Turkish nationals, are deemed to be cancelled from the beginning of a state of war between Turkey and the allied power concerned. However, within six months of the entry into force of this contract, the former beneficiary of such a licence has the right to require the rights holder to issue a new licence whose terms are set by the Joint Court of Arbitration within the meaning of Section V of this party in the event of an agreement between the parties. The court has the power, if circumstances require, to simultaneously set the amount it deems fair to the use of property during the war. The construction of all new borders between Turkey and neighbouring countries, as well as the operation of the lines between these stations, are governed by similar agreements. Is it possible to amend a peace agreement as historic as the Treaty of Lausanne? The agreements that have been or can be concluded between Greece and Turkey with regard to the exchange of the Greek and Turkish population do not apply to the inhabitants of the islands of Imbros and Tenedos.

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