Virginia Collaborative Practice Agreement

“clinical experience” means the provision of post-gradual health care directly to patients, in accordance with a practice agreement with a physician on the patient care team. B. A patient who meets the criteria for admission to the category of patients whose management is consistent with the purpose and who chooses not to participate in a collaborative procedure informs the prescriber that he refuses to participate in such a collaborative procedure. A prescribing physician may choose that a patient is not participating in a collaborative procedure by indisting in the pharmacist or his or her designated alternative pharmacists or by documenting it on the patient`s prescription. E. Boards of directors may license an applicant to practise as a nurse if the applicant has been licensed as a nurse under the laws of another state and if, according to the boards of directors, the applicant meets the qualifications required by Commonwealth nurses for accreditation. One. First, contact the Virginia State Board of Nursing at 804-367-4515. You need a license from RN and Advanced Practice Nurse. Once the applications are complete, you must contact your home country and have them send a confirmation of your license. D.

Cooperation agreements may only be used under conditions that have protocols that are clinically accepted as a standard of treatment or approved by the Boards of Medicine and Pharmacy. Cooperation agreements may include the implementation, modification, continuation or discontinuation of drug treatment, in accordance with written or electronic protocols, provided that the prescribed physician carries out the drug treatment after diagnosis; ordering laboratory tests; or other patient care management measures as part of monitoring or improving drug therapy or device outcomes. Such a cooperation agreement must not go beyond the scope of action of the parties concerned. Any pharmacist who deviates from a cooperation agreement or acts inconsistently with the terms of a cooperation agreement is contrary to the provisions of paragraphs 54.1 to 2902; Such an offence constitutes a ground for disciplinary action under subsections 54.1 to 2400 and 54.1 to 3316. . . .

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