What Is An Interdepartmental Letter Of Agreement

For section 81 agreements, see CD 710-2 – Transfer of Offenders, GL 710-2-1 – CCRA Section 81: Admission and Transfer of Offenders, and GL 541-2 – Negotiation, Implementation and Management of Section 81 Agreements of the CCRA. MERX or GETS: The Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) is an online system that advertises public procurement opportunities to potential bidders. GETS is operated by Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. under the name MERX¢ and provides the service to the federal government under contract. Departments must use merX for requirements that are subject to one of the trade agreements. Some, including CSC, also use it for other purchases. CSC uses MERX to promote its $25,000 delegated service contracts. PWGSC also uses MERX to promote the need for print services estimated at $10,000 or more, and most goods and services estimated at $25,000 or more. It announces estimated needs of $100,000 or more for construction and leasing. It also announces estimated needs of $84,000 or more for architectural consulting and engineering services related to real estate. The CLB program uses a performance dashboard to monitor 22 sub-projects of the re-engineering and modernization plan. The evaluation found that the program has developed a set of logic models in conjunction with its functional and operational framework to show what they want to achieve.

However, the logic models did not allow the CLB program to be strategically positioned to connect to NRCan`s performance measurement framework. The current integrated logic model will help the CLB program gather information that is better aligned with NRCan`s overall reporting framework. Prior to the establishment of this office, the only oversight mechanism in the sector was the Scientific Executive Committee […].

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