Work Education Placement Agreement Form

In all types of vocational training programs, local businesses and agencies work with headteachers to provide students with broad learning opportunities. Because these programs are based on education experience, not productivity, students generally do not receive salaries from the employment giver. (Student expense or fee allowances are not considered salaries for the purposes of safety and insurance committee benefits.) Note that if the mediator is one of the few types of companies that do not have to register for wSIA coverage, such as a bank. B,2, the student is still covered by the WSIA, since the student is considered to be an employee of the ministry. A WEA form must also be completed for these students. Parties must complete and sign a training form before the student begins the job training program to ensure that WSIB coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education. Students who are in vocational training or apprenticeship must be at least fourteen years old. Before a student is placed with an employer, the school management must decide whether the student is insured by the Ministry of Education or the Ombudsman for the Benefits of the Safety and Insurance Committee of the Labour Safety (WSIB). In most cases, coverage for these students is provided by the ministry, but school boards must ensure, with the help of mediators, that WSIB requirements are properly met before and during internships. In the event of injury or illness in the workplace requiring medical attention by a physician and/or resulting in job losses, the school principal`s representative must submit the WSIB Employer Injury/Illness Report (Form 7) the WSIB Employer Injury/Illness Report (Form 7). The form must be submitted to the school within three (3) working days following notification of injury or illness and received by the WSIB within seven (7) working days following the student`s report to school.

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